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Jun 2019

June 25, 2019

June 26, 2019

Trump Exchanges Insults With Iran, Still On The Brink Of War: Khamenei Calls Him “Mentally Ill,” President Rouhani Brands Him “Liar”; Trump Repeats Threat Of “Obliteration”; His Antics Represent Criminal Malpractice Threatening Millions Of Lives!

Mistreatment Of Refugee Children Is High Crime Against Humanity; The Precedent Of The Łapanka Roundups In Occupied Poland; UK Prime Minister Hopeful Boris Johnson As Sinister Toff: Where Trump Uses Scurrilous Vulgarity, Boris Relies On Upper-Class Pretensions; His Promise For No-Deal Halloween Brexit Is Pure Horror; Hard Times For Fake Populist Oppressors: Erdogan’s Candidate Defeated For Mayor Of Istanbul, Marking Turn Of Tide Against Ottoman Strongman; Democrats Must Stop Fetishizing And See Impeachment Of Executive Branch Malefactors As Tactical Weapon