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Jun 2019

June 22, 2019 WCR

June 24, 2019

U.S. Dragged Towards Catastrophic War With Iran After Long Series Of Neocon Provocations; Dangerous Instability Shown By Last-Minute Flip-Flop Followed By Friday Threat To Annihilate Iran!

War May Still Be Imminent; Opposition Coming From Europe, Hill, Pentagon; Pelosi’s Weakness Glaring As Trump Keeps Congress In The Dark: This Violation Of Article I Section 8 Is High Crime Requiring Impeachment!; NBC Hints Bolton Is Sabotaging Peace Feelers From Iran; His Impeachment Most Urgent; NSC In Chaos; Gen. McCaffery Stresses Iran’s Ability To Interdict Hormuz, Cutting 25% Of World’s Oil; Don’s Vendetta Against Iran Collides With Pledge Of Non-Intervention & No More Middle East Wars: Fox News Phalanx Splits With Carlson, Geraldo And Col. MacGregor Opposing Wider War And Demanding Ouster Of Bolton, All Bitterly Criticized By Hannity And Hegseth, Who Promise Secret Weapons; Reign Of Terror As Fascist Campaign Of Mass Deportations Starts Now; Support June 28 Hong Kong Protests At G-20 Against Xi and Trump!

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