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Jun 2019

June 20, 2019

June 21, 2019

After Downing Of U.S. Drone Over Hormuz, Trump Trapped Between His Repeated Provocations Against Iran And Realization That Another Middle East War Would Sink His Fading Chances For Re-Election; Pompeo Invokes Al Qaeda; Current Predicament Shows Pelosi The High Price Of Failing To Impeach!

Impudence Of Regime Lawyers Demanding Absolute Immunity At Hope Hicks Hearings Pushes More House Democrats Into Pro-Impeachment Camp; Criminal Probe Of Trump’s Bankers Reported; Felix Sater To Testify Friday Behind Closed Doors; Federal Reserve Claims To Be Independent, But Has Taken Orders From Wall Street Zombie Bankers Except When FDR Forced It To Serve The National Interest; Democrats Must Articulate Clear Policy For Using Trillions Of 0% Fed Credit For Job Creation And Economic Recovery!