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Jun 2019

June 19, 2019

June 20, 2019

NSA & Cybercommand Prepare Retaliation Against Russia In Case Of Disruptive Attack On Vital U.S. Infrastructure; Trump Largely Kept Out Of The Loop On New Nitro Zeus Deterrence Measures Out Of Concern He Might Countermand Program Or Brief Kremlin!

Bolton And Pompeo Still Pressing For Iran War; No Fed Rate Cut Today, But Greed Springs Eternal For Deluded Wall Street Speculators; Trump May Oust Powell To Preserve Bubble; World Economic Contraction Is The Central Issue, Not Interest Rates Or China Trade; 2020 Debate: Trump Says Pelosi Makes Fascist Statements, But Ocasio Answers That Reign Of Terror Against Non-Citizens Makes Him The Fascist; Trump Signals He Is Running Against Hillary Clinton!