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Jun 2019

June 18, 2019

June 19, 2019

Trump Launches 2020 Campaign Amidst Worsening Chaos:

Trump Promises All The Horrors Of Mass Deportations As Election-Year Stunt; Acting Defense Secretary Shanahan Out Just In Time For Iran Crisis; Powell Of Fed Faces Ouster Or Demotion If He Does Not Cut Rates; Campaign Fires Pollsters Who Saw Democrats Winning in Key States; Don Wants More Than Eight Years Of Power In Violation Of XXII Amendment; Orlando Sentinel Greets Candidate With Anybody But Trump Editorial; Ocasio Draws Accurate Parallels With Fascism And Concentration Camps;

Wall Street Eager To Be Duped By Tweets On China Deal Despite Dark Clouds Gathering; Hong Kong Mass Strike Makes Xi Lose Face In Taiwan Too; Growing Fear In Trump Campaign About Warren’s Inroads Among Working-Class Voters