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Jun 2019

June 17, 2019

June 18, 2019

In Hong Kong, 2 Million Demand End To Extradition Threat And Ouster Of Xi’s Enforcer Carrie Lam; Wednesday General Strike Stuns Princelings: No Renditions For Now, Umbrella Leader Joshua Wong Freed; Washington Post Should Stop Worrying About Huawei, Focus On Social Credit Totalitarianism And Concentration Camps!

Bernie Sanders Should Drop Absurd Defense Of “Socialism”; If You Want To Complete The Unfinished Business Of The FDR New Deal, Why Help GOP Demagogues By Raising “Socialism” Issue; No Major Dem Candidates So Far Have Proposed Any Nationalizations Or Other Measures That Would Actually Qualify as Socialist; Dems Should Run On FDR’s 8-Point Economic Bill Of Rights, January 1944!