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Jun 2019

June 12, 2019

June 13, 2019

Anti-Extradition Demonstrators Beaten, Gassed, and Peppered With Rubber Bullets By Hong Kong Police Acting As Enforcers For Totalitarian Xi; U.S. Response Amounts To Appeasement!

Still Following In Nixon’s Watergate Footsteps, Trump Tries To Assert Executive Privilege Over Paper Trail Of Census Tampering; House Oversight Committee Votes 24-15 To Move Contempt Charges Against Barr and Ross For Stonewalling On Census, Clearances, Puerto Rican Relief; Chairman Cummings Should Go To Court Now Using Procedure Approved Yesterday; Trump’s Horrible Fascination With Impeachment;

Danger Signals From GOP-Controlled Supreme Court: Ginsburg Warns Of “Sharp Divisions” While Gorsuch-Kavanaugh Liberticide Cabal Attacks Stare Decisis On Constitutional Questions; Many Verdicts Coming At End Of June