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Jun 2019

June 11, 2019

June 12, 2019

More Hong Kong Protests Expected Wednesday Seeking To Block Legalized Renditions By Mainland Secret Police For Regime Critics And Dissidents; Xi’s Local Puppets Press Forward Despite A Million Marchers!

GOP Hacks Demonize Steele Dossier, But What Exactly Is Their Factual Criticism?; First Russiagate FISA Warrants Were Triggered By Warnings Of Trump Campaign Fraternizing With Russians Delivered By UK’s GCHQ, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, France, Poland, Estonia; Barr Reported Stockpiling Personal Power, But Is It For The Post-Trump Era?; Comparison Of Attorney General With French Tyrant Joseph Fouché Suggests Leap From Police Minister To Top Dog Is Not Easy; #ImpeachTrump: Act To Defend Democracy Is Organizing Nationwide Protests On Saturday, June 15