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Jun 2019

June 10, 2019

June 11, 2019

One Million March In Hong Kong’s Largest Demonstration Ever To Block City’s Subjection To Dictator Xi’s Police State And Its Lawless Disappearances; Hong Kong Puppet Ruler Ignores Protests, Insists On Ramming Through Measure To Abolish Remaining Freedoms This Wednesday; Thirty Years After Tien An Men, Beijing’s Totalitarianism Is Unmasked Again!

Trump Recycles Old Concessions By Mexico To Avoid Tariff Clash That Would Doom Stock Bubble; Cooking The Stats: May Job Growth An Anemic 75,000 Only Made Possible By Downward Revisions For April; Yearly Job Growth Of 0.9% Is Worst Since October 2013, Despite GOP Tax Scam; GDP Contracting; Chinese Communists Are Not Confucian, But Represent Legalist Theory Of Dictatorship!