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Jun 2019

June 6, 2019

June 7, 2019

Closing The Ring Around Trump: Nadler Tries For Second Time To Convince Pelosi To Open Impeachment Inquiry; She Cites Danger To Vulnerable Freshmen To Justify Her Refusal To Fight, But Skittish Democratic Billionaire Megadonors Are Likely Her Real Concern!

House Must Hold Barr In Contempt Next Tuesday; Mueller Must Testify In Public, By Subpoena If Necessary; Maxim: Never Surrender Initiative In Face Of Brutal Enemy!; At Omaha Beach, Macron Challenges Trump To Stop Disruptions; Overlord Honor Roll Of Thirteen Nations Took Part In Landings, Showing Superiority Of Alliances; Greatest Shortfall Of D-Day Was Montgomery’s Failure To Capture Caen; Churchill’s Desire For Victories To Intimidate India And Impress Australia; On BBC, Steyer Notes That A Single Day’s Cohen Hearings Cost Trump 6% Of His Approval, So Put Key Witnesses On TV; 1,000-Plus Ex-Federal Prosecutors Agree Trump Is Guilty Of Obstruction!

Over 61 Votes To Begin Impeachment!