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Jun 2019

June 5, 2019

June 6, 2019

Join The Tax Wall Street Party Campaign To Make Democratic Candidates Devote Part Of June 21 Debate Discussing Urgent Need To Mobilize Trillions In 0% Long-Term Federal Reserve Credit For Infrastructure, Education Debt, Scientific Research, Fusion Power, Farming, And Marshall Plans; Time For Fed To Serve National Interest, Not Demands Of Zombie Bankers!

Senate Republicans Attempt Gesture Of Defiance Against Trump Over Insane Tariff Escalation Against Mexico; Farmers, Truckers, And GM And Carrier Plant Closure Victims Realize Trump’s Lies; Swalwell For Impeachment of Barr (For Lying To Congress) And Mnuchin (For Violating Law On Tax Returns); Barr And McGahn Must Be Cited For Contempt Next Week!; 58 House Votes For Impeachment So Far; Tien An Men Massacre As Product Of Deng’s Economic Crisis