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Jun 2019

June 4, 2019

June 5, 2019

Londoners Protest Trump As Enemy Of Civilized Values; Don Demands Post-Brexit Looting And Asset Stripping Of UK National Health Service, But Is Too Ignorant To Know What NHS Stands For!

Warren Proposes $2 Trillion Climate Plan To Phase Out Carbon; Viability Of Approach Depends On Viewing Nuclear Fission And Thermonuclear Fusion As Main Technologies; Countries Relying on Windmills And Solar Cells Will Soon Become Puppets Of China And Russia; Sen. Whitehouse Of Deep Blue Rhode Island Is Fighting To Restore U.S. Leadership In Atoms For Peace; Warren Must Return To Her 2013 Student Debt Relief Plan And Demand 0% Federal Reserve Credit As Source Of Financing; Managing The Dollar May Be Fine, But Tremendous Benefits Of Holding World’s Reserve Currency Must Be Retained;

1988 Article Forecast Upheaval Ahead In China: Tien An Men Massacre Was Preceded By Severe Economic Crisis That Threatened Communist Rule

1) Webster G. Tarpley, “Beijing Regime Faces Breakdown Crisis,” EIR, November 11, 1988 at