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Jun 2019

June 1, 2019 WCR

June 4, 2019

Labile Trump Sabotages Common Front Against China, Courts Catastrophic Trade War With Mexico To Impress His Backward Base; Whom The Gods Would Implode They First Drive Mad!

To Normalize Border, U.S. Must Support Mexican President Lopez Obrador’s Central American Marshall Plan Using 0% Federal Reserve Credit; New Trade War Splits Cabinet, With Mnuchin, Lighthizer, and Kushner Reported Opposed; Execration Among Business Associations; GOP Senators Toomey, McSally, And Cornyn Opposed; Tariffs By Decree Likely Illegal;

House GOP Fanatics Block $20 Billion Disaster Aid Bill For Third Time: Reps. Roy, Massie, And Rose Are Culprits; Republican Gerrymander Plot Against Census Exposed; GOP Extinction Overdue!;

Pelosi Must Replicate Sen. Sam Ervin’s 1973 Watergate Hearings, Which Convinced Public Nixon Needed Impeachment and Removal; Abraham Lincoln’s Good Advice From 1861: One War At A Time!