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May 2019

May 28, 2019

May 29, 2019

Visiting Japan, Trump Insults Premier Abe By Showing His Heart Belongs To Madman Kim Of North Korea, Who Has Been Rewarded With A Partial Collapse Of Sanctions Regime Plus Freeze Of Ulchi Maneuvers In Exchange For Love Notes To Don!

Rep. Moulton Aptly Calls Trump Weakest Commander In Chief In American History, Sees Bolton As Striving For New Gulf Of Tonkin Incident As Pretext For War With Iran; Unstable Trump First Recognizes That Huawei Is Threat To U.S. National Security, Then Suggests Issue Is Bargaining Chip For Trade Talks; U.S. Must Regain Full-Set Economy; Lack Of World-Class Domestic 5G Capability Is Outrageous And Must Be Fixed Now With 0% Long-Term Federal Reserve Credit And A Federal Mandate; Salvini Can’t Play New Julius Caesar With Sixth-Largest Faction In European Parliament; His Pal Wilders Of Netherlands Loses All His Seats!