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May 2019

May 27, 2019

May 28, 2019

“Populist-Nationalist” Assault On Europe Breaks Down, Managing Only A Stagnant Fourth Place Behind Merkel Bloc, Social Democrats, and Liberals; Populist Total Is Half Of 30% Hyped By Bannon To Help Trump’s Re-Election!

Collapse Of Ultra-Brexit UK Conservatives Prefigures Demise Of Trump Republicans; Farage Harvests Wreckage Of Tory Catastrophe; Pro-European Liberal Democrats Score Biggest Gains In A Century; In Italy, Mini-Duce Salvini’s 33% Falls Well Short Of Renzi’s 41% of 2014; In France, Vichy Nostalgic LePen Loses Votes From 2014, Barely Edging Out Macron; In Germany, Green Party’s Ecological Apocalypse Gets More Traction Than Hyping Refugee Invasion: Alternative Party Loses 2%, Falling Behind Greens; Memorial Day, Founded To Honor The Union Dead

Breaking: After Epic Defeat, Labour Boss Corbyn Pays Lip Service To Second Referendum, But Still Won’t Declare War On Brexit Insanity