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May 2019

May 25, 2019 WCR

May 27, 2019

Trump Faces Resignation Or Impeachment; Howard Stern & Pelosi Agree He Is Unstable And Needs Treatment; Barr “Review” Suggests Blinding Of U.S. Intel For 2020 Vote; The Path To Dictatorship!

Brexit Insanity Devours Its Peddlers: Zombie UK Premier Theresa May Finally Quits; Freakish Boris Johnson Wants To Replace Her With Catastrophic No-Deal Brexit; Choices Narrow To No Deal Brexit Or Stay In Europe, Forcing Labour Boss Corbyn To Fight Brexit Or Go; Bounder Farage Shakes Up The Scene; In EU Parliament Vote, Watch Macron vs. LePen, Pope Francis vs. Salvini, UK Lib Dems Totals, And Outlines Of Post-Merkel; House Testimony By Mueller, Weissman, And Colleagues Must Be Scheduled Now; William Barr As The New Carl Schmitt: Both Rank As Enablers Of Dictatorship; Ask The Stable Genius Which Horse Will Win The Belmont!
Breaking: California Federal Judge Rules Trump Can’t Use Pentagon Money To Build Fascist Wall