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May 2019

May 23, 2019

May 24, 2019

Modi And BJP Win Convincing Victory In Indian Election; Rural Sanitation, Electrification And Natural Gas Are Key Issues; Social Legislation Benefits Women; New Delhi Leads Rejection Front Against China’s Imperialist Belt And Road (BARF); U.S. Must Launch Fed-Financed Trillion-Dollar New Marshall Plan With 0% Credit For India, Central America, and Other Key Regions;

Trump And Minions Deny Yesterday’s Psycho Episode; Pelosi Suggests Don Needs An “Intervention” Because He Is Incompetent And Too Unstable For Current Job; Raskin Raises XXV Amendment; Alternative Is Between Resignation And Removal; Tillerson Tells Engel Committee Of Trump’s Ignorance And Weakness In Meeting With Putin, Notes Destructive Role Of Boy Wonder Kushner; Brexit Zombie May Likely To Set Date For Her Resignation This Week!