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May 2019

May 22, 2019

May 23, 2019

In High Dudgeon, Trump Disrupts Infrastructure Meeting With Pelosi & Schumer At White House, Pledges To Boycott All Legislation Until Dems Stop Investigations!

Dotard Whines About Pelosi’s Charge He Is “Organizing A Coverup,” Goes On Strike Against Government Business; House Dems Force More Aggressive Tactics; DC Judge Mehta Refuses TRO, Tells Accountants To Provide Don’s Financial Records; NY Judge Ramos Came Ready With Opinion Ordering Deutsche Bank And Capitol One To Surrender His Bank Records; Wells Fargo And TD Bank Have Already Disgorged; Trump Administration Says Foreign Attack On 2020 U.S. Elections Is Inevitable, So Stay Flexible And Roll With The Punches; Report Reflects Evident Hope For Foreign Assistance;

Tax Wall Street Party Urges British Voters To Flee Suicidal Insanity Of Brexit In Thursday’s European Parliament Vote; Pro-European Liberal Democrats Emerge As Least Evil As Against May, Corbyn, And Farage!