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May 2019

May 15, 2019

May 16, 2019

Trump Declares National Emergency To Secure IT And Communications Technology Supply Chain; Administration Must Now Ban U.S. Firms From Doing Business With Huawei, ZTE, And Other Tentacles of Beijing!

Warmonger Bolton Still Pressing For Clash With Iran; Bannon Says Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan Overtaken By Megalomania After Parade Of Fawning Satraps At Latest Belt And Road Forum, Convinced His Old Pal Xi To Junk Draft Trade Deal, Arguing That Enforcement Measures Were Humiliation Like 19th Century Treaty Ports; Was This Greatest Failure Of Chinese Communist Intelligence Since Korean War?; U.S. Birth Rate Falls To Lowest Level Since 1986; Nation Now Ranks 159th In World, But Regime Is Still Scheming To Limit Immigration, Guaranteeing Demographic Crisis!