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May 2019

May 14, 2019

May 15, 2019

Trump Regime Steering Towards Catastrophic War With Iran!

Bolton’s B-Team In Command As Dotard Plays With Twitter; Adviser To Iran’s President Rouhani Says Trump Is Moving Toward War; If Conflict Comes, U.S. Likely To Be Alone And Without Allies As Spanish Warship Quits USS Lincoln Battle Group In Protest Against Surprise Escalation In Mission; British General In Iraq Reports No Unusual Activity By Iran; Pasdaran General Boasts U.S. Ships Are Target, Not Threat; War By Miscalculation Or New Gulf Of Tonkin Fraud?; Gulf Too Narrow For Aircraft Carriers; Free Hand For Madman Bolton Recalls Kissinger-Haig U.S. Worldwide Nuclear Alert During October 1973 Kippur War, Ordered As Weakened Nixon Slept!