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May 2019

May 11, 2019 WCR

May 14, 2019
Stonewalling By Trump And Barr Forces Democrats To Fight Back; Contempt Charges Against Barr Are Key Step In Slowing Consolidation Of Dictatorship! Eco-Apocalypse From Hesiod’s Trojan War Theory Through Giammaria Ortes Of Venice To The Population Bomb, The Club of Rome, Peak Oil, Gore’s Inconvenient Truth And Ocasio’s Latest Forecast Of End-Time In Twelve Years: A Series Of Primitive Con Jobs Camouflaging Real Brutal Austerity Against Working People; Voting In July 1974 To Force Nixon To Surrender White House Tapes, Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas Said That Nixon’s Discussions About His Crimes “Stand No Higher Than The Mafia”; Sophistries Of Legal Positivism From Barr Echo Those Of Nixon’s Watergate Mouthpiece!