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May 2019

May 9, 2019

May 10, 2019

Nixon’s Watergate Claim Of Absolute Confidentiality As A Vital Public Interest Rejected By Supreme Court In July 1974; Will Today’s Inferior Bench Stand Up To Trump’s Endless Demands For Secrecy?

During Kippur War Of October 1973, Kissinger and Haig Ordered Worldwide U.S. Nuclear Alert While Nixon Slept; Are Similar Tendencies At Work In Crumbling Trump Regime?; Grotesque Catalog Of Unfulfilled Apocalyptic Forecasts By “Environmentalists” Desperate To Hawk Their Wares; Black Hole Theory Unable To Account For Full Array Of Observations; All Attention Focused On Gravity Collapse Theory, Plasma Structures And Electromagnetism Neglected; Met Gala Theme This Year Is “Camp,” A Catchword For Apolitical, Decadent, Snobbery From The Pre-Vietnam Era!