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May 2019

May 8, 2019

May 9, 2019

House Democrats Introduce Labor Rights Bill To Stop “Right To Work” Laws, Permanent Scab Workers, Captive Indoctrination, And Compulsory Arbitration, While Allowing Secondary Picketing And Strikes; Measure Would Finally Repeal Most Of GOP’s Hated Anti-Labor Taft-Hartley Law of 1947; Should Be Passed With $15 Minimum Wage!

House Judiciary Calls For Contempt Against Barr. 24-16; Rogue Executive Rubber-Stamped By Packed Supreme Court And Using Emergency Powers To Control Budget While Refusing All Accountability Is Essence Of Austerity Dictatorship!; Trump Fears China Crash; Even Bush 43 Enabler Yoo Shocked By Blanket Claim To Escape All Accountability; Barr’s Defense of Executive Power Echoes Nixon Lawyer James St. Clair In Watergate