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May 2019

May 7, 2019

May 8, 2019

Trade Rep Lighthizer Says Chinese Dictator Xi Has Reneged On Key Parts of U.S.-China Trade Deal: Isolated Trump Threatens More Tariffs From Position Of Weakness, Beijing Retaliation Looms!

After Four Months Of Gains, Worst Day Of 2019 On Wall Street Is Bad News For GOP; Dow Down 648 Before Closing Off 474 Or 1.8%; Notable Technical Damage To S&P; Energy Firms Near Bear Market; Treasury Bond Yield Curve Flattening; Legions Of Greed Still Want Fed Rate Cuts To Shore Up Speculation; World Economic Contraction Proceeds Apace; Bolton Hard Line On Iran Will Hurt U.S. Alliances In Europe Far More Than Islamic Republic; Breaking: Trump Reportedly Biggest Individual Money Loser In Entire IRS System, 1985-1994!