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May 2019

May 6, 2019

May 7, 2019

Reeling From Defeats, Trump Tries Wag The Dog With Two Potential Shooting Wars In Venezuela and Iran!

Bolton Personally Sends Carrier Task Group And Bombers To Middle East To Gin Up Confrontation With Iran; No Reasons Provided – Was Trump Told?; Bolton Also Agitates For U.S. Invasion Of Venezuela As Guaidó Considers Inviting U.S. Attack; Trump And Lighthizer Spook Wall Street With Threats To Hike Tariffs From 10% To 25% Friday Morning On $200 Billion In Chinese Products; 25% Duty On $325 Billion Next; Improvement In Jobless Figures Largely Due To Hiring For Census; 500 Former Federal Prosecutors Brand Trump As Worthy Of Obstruction Of Justice Based On Mueller Document; Barr, Mnuchin Defy Congress; In October 1973, Kissinger Ignored A Weakened Nixon To Order Worldwide Nuclear Alert: Is Bolton Doing The Same Thing?