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May 2019

May 4, 2018 WCR

May 7, 2019

Biden Delusional On Chinese Threat Even As Beijing Gains Across Pacific, Makes Dangerous Inroads In Britain and Italy; Belt and Road Spells Debt Trap and More Debt Slavery For Developing World!

Trump’s Call To Putin A Bid For Russian Help In 2020 Election Campaign; Neocons Bolton and Pompeo a Laughingstock After Bungled Venezuela Coup; U.S. Jobless Figures Not Helped By Trump, But By Initial Hirings For 500,000 Jobs That Will Make Census Bureau An Employer Second Only To Walmart; Ominous Euphoria And Complacency On Wall Street As Bubble Continues To Expand; UK Local Elections Are Referendum In Favor Of Staying In Europe: Pro-Brexit Tories Lose 1,173 Seats And 91 Councils, While Pro-EU Liberal Democrats Gain 620 Seats And 18 Councils; Flat Results For Corbyn’s Mealy-Mouthed Labour Party!