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May 2019

May 2, 2019

May 3, 2019

Trump’s Neocon Warmonger Bolton Pressing To Follow Failed Coup By Feckless Comprador Guaidó With Direct U.S. Military Action!

Utopian “Full Plan” For Decapitation Of Caracas Regime By Anti-Maduro Forces Was Compromised On Monday, Triggering Abortive Premature Rebellion On Tuesday; Bungling Hand Of Iran-Contra Marplot Eliot Abrams In Evidence; Grave Danger Of Wag The Dog Actions By Embattled Trump; Stock Markets Retreat From Record Highs As Pessimism Returns To Wall Street; Construction Spending Down Year To Year For First Time Since 2008 Panic; Cain and Moore Drop Out, But Speculators Still Demand Low-Interest Hot Money From Fed; China’s Market For Home Loans Through Shadow Banking Sector Among Biggest Debt Traps; Beijing’s GDP Growth May Be Negative!