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May 2019

May 1, 2019

May 2, 2019

“Coverup General” Barr Earns His Own Impeachment With Another Day Of Flagrant Lies In Defense Of Trump Before Senate Judiciary Committee; Hirono, Blumenthal, Harris Expose AG’s Crude Gaslighting!

Lindsay Graham Won’t Call Mueller; Barr Flees House Testimony; Nadler Threatens Barr With Contempt Of Congress, Wants To Hear Mueller; Bolton’s Venezuelan Coup Attempt Failing; Danger Of U.S. Aggression Increases As In Panama, October-December 1989; More Proof Brexit Means Britain As Satellite Of China: May Wants Huawei For UK’s 5G Network; Corbyn Won’t Pledge Second Referendum; For International Labor Day: Trump Promised $4,000 For Working Taxpayers, But Only 6% Of Proceeds From GOP Tax Scam Went To Working People After Stock Buy-Backs And Bonuses; Number Of Giant Corporations Enjoying Negative Tax Rate Doubles!