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Apr 2019

April 29, 2019

April 30, 2019

Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif Warns That “B Team” Of Warmongers Around Bolton-Netanyahu-MBS-Zayed (UAE) Are Seeking Confrontation And Regime Change; Is Wag The Dog On Campaign Agenda?; More Reason To View Trump’s Continuance In Office As Existential Threat To U.S.!

Ravings From Oval About “Coup” With Attacks On “Scum” Strzock, Page, Ohr, and Russia Hands Are Attempt To Blind U.S. Intelligence, Open Door To Pro-Trump Attacks In 2020; Ban On Whole Of Government Planning To Defend Vote Reported; Labour Party Must Commit To Second Referendum With Stay Option On Any Final Brexit Plan; Beware Corbyn’s Bid To Use Climate Extinction Hysteria To Dupe Public!