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Apr 2019

April 27, 2019 WCR

April 30, 2019

From Sen. Warner to Col. Peters, A Growing Consensus That Trump Is Banking On Russian Interference To Secure Second Term, Will Shield Russian Attackers From U.S. Countermeasures Defending Integrity Of Election: Failure To Provide For Common Defense!

Shugerman: Preponderance Of Evidence In Mueller Report Proves Russian Coordination Under Terms Of Federal Election Laws; GOP Challenger Weld Calls On Trump To Resign; Three Decades After Tien An Men Protests And Massacre, Beijing Totalitarians Are Vulnerable At Home And Abroad On Human Rights Atrocities, Starting With 1 Million Uighurs In Concentration Camps: An Issue Democratic Politicians And Primary Voters Can Understand; Dictator For Life Xi On Defensive At Belt And Road Forum (BARF), Again Denies That Goal Is Making Satellites Out Of Countries Caught In Imperialist Debt Trap; Pathetic Trump Says Xi Has Been “Great Help”