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Apr 2019

April 25, 2019

April 26, 2019

As Biden Joins 2020 Race, Morning Consult-Politico Poll Stuns Trump Camp With 8-Point Lead For Ex-Veep Over Vulnerable Incumbent; Biden Video Stresses Shame of Trump’s Charlottesville Line As Alien To U.S. Antifascist Tradition; Cites Need For Loyalty To Allies!

Warren Dominates CNN Town Halls and “She The People” Gathering With Strongest Program And Clear Imperative Of Impeachment; While Trump Raves, China Announces Permanent Moon Base In Ten Years; Putin and Kim Cross Don; Trump Declares Stonewall To Defy Congressional Subpoenas; Nixon Attorneys General Mitchell And Kleindienst Were Both Convicted; Does Their Fate Await Barr?; Study Of Fascist and Nazi Movements Reveals Misogyny And Contempt For Women As Key Feature Of Their Ideology!