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Apr 2019

April 24, 2019

April 25, 2019

UK Allows Dubious Chinese Firm Huawei As Contractor For 5G Communications; Move Could Allow Beijing Totalitarians To Penetrate Cheltenham GCHQ And Thus NSA Fort Meade; Another Reason Why Zombie Prime Minister Theresa May Must Go; Move Shows Inner Logic Of Brexit: Britain As Satellite of China And Banker For Organized Crime!

Putin-Kim Meet In Vladivostok To Compare Notes On Their Dupe Benedict Donald; Trump Decrees Stonewall And Executive Privilege On Testimony To Congress By White House Aides, Tax Returns, And Subpoenas Of Bank And Accounting Records; New York AG Gets First Docs From Deutsche; Gnostic Themes In U.S. Cable For Easter: Scholars Project Modern Identity Group Themes Onto Early Christianity; CNN Airs Bogus “Gospel Of Judas”; More Recent “Gospel Of Jesus’ Wife” Likely A Forgery; Gnostics Were Trolls Of Fourth Century A.D., But Favored By Some Oligarchs Today!