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Apr 2019

April 20, 2019 WCR

April 21, 2019

Legal Analysis Shows Trump Vulnerable On At Least Six To Eight Instances Of Obstruction Of Justice Or Abuse Of Power Based On Criteria Laid Out In Mueller’s Overview!

Special Counsel Faulted For Failure To Formulate Charges On Obstruction, Question Trump, Dig Deeper Into Russian Business Dealings; Fate Of Nation Outweighs Absurd 1973 DoJ Ban On Indicting President; Most Of Report Cries Out To Congress For Impeachment; Abundant Misprisions Of Felonies; Barr Must Go; Credit To Mueller For Keeping Individual 1 Pinned Down And Boxed In For Two Years In Absence Of Other Opposition: “I Can’t Do Anything With Russia…They’re All Over Me With This!”
Breaking: Warren Shames Dem Opportunists With Stirring Call To Begin Impeachment Proceedings: Hostile Government Attacked 2o16 Election To Help Trump; He Welcomed Help, Then Tried To Derail Probes!