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Apr 2019

April 18, 2019

April 19, 2019

Mueller’s Mandate Too Narrow, But Probe Kept Trump Pinned Down For Two Precious Years!; Barr Functioning as Trump’s Mouthpiece, Putting AG On Impeachment List; American Public Has Witnessed Plenty Of Conspiracy and Obstruction By Trump Forces, So Don’t Get Gaslighted By Legal Technicalities!

Pelosi Passed Buck To Mueller, And Now Mueller Sends It Back: Congress Must Act With Fighting Leadership Typified By Rep. Maxine Waters, The Authentic Pasionaria Of Impeachment; Trump’s Attempted Obstruction Of Justice By Ordering Firing Of Mueller Carries Same Penalty As Actual Ouster of Special Counsel; If Trump Knew Of Perjury By Cohen And Other Crimes, He’s Guilty of MISPRISION Of Felonies; 1,000 Colorful DoJ “Redactions”; Urgent To Wrap Up Trump Regime: North Korea’s Kim Is Testing Missiles Again; What If His Jilted Lover Goes Berserk With Nuclear Launch Codes?