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Apr 2019

April 17, 2019

April 18, 2019

Constitutional Government Hangs In The Balance As Barr Readies His Easter Recess Atrocity: Trump Mulls Vendetta; House Democrats Must Choose Between Starting Impeachment Hearings Or Abject Surrender!

At Fox Bethlehem PA Town Hall, Bernie Afraid To Identify Russia and China As Existential Threats To U.S. Since This Might Trigger Greater Military Spending!; If Carbon Emissions Are Really The Issue, Why Does Bernie Want To Abolish Nuclear Energy?; Need Medicare For All At $150 Per Month As Obamacare Public Option For Voluntary Buy-In; No Coercion Of 180 Million Now Covered By Private Insurance!; Why Carry Toxic Ideological Ballast Of “Green New Deal” and “Democratic Socialism” When FDR New Deal Is The Gold Standard?; Democrats Must Nationalize The Fed For Production; Elizabeth Warren’s Program More Radical On Balance!