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Apr 2019

April 16, 2019

April 17, 2019

More On Barr’s Record As Coverup Manager For Political Gangsters: As Part Of Bush 41’s 1989 Buildup To Attack Panama and Kidnap Noriega, He Lied To Conceal Justice Department Opinion Claiming That Bush Could Violate UN Charter, Congress Could Violate International Law, And Kidnappings In Foreign Countries Were Legal; Barr’s Lies Were Exposed Years Later, After Thousands Of Panamanians Were Dead!

Notre Dame’s Gothic Architecture In Relation To The Successes Of The Capetian Dynasty In The High Middle Ages; The Pioneering Role of Suger of St. Denis; The Distorted Portrayal Of Louis XI, The Founder Of The Modern State, By Victor Hugo; Misuse Of The Gothic By The Post-Napoleonic Restoration