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Apr 2019

April 13, 2019 WCR

April 14, 2019

Trump Sees His Own Failure To Block Asylum Seekers On Southern Border As Existential Crisis Of Regime; Scapegoated Agencies Decapitated; Refugees To Serve As Ammunition Against Democrats; Offering Pardons Before Crimes Would Make Don Accessory Before Fact!

Federal Judge Carlton Reeves of Mississippi Denounces “Executive” For Leading “Third Great Assault On Our Judiciary” After KKK in 1870s And Segregationist Backlash After 1954; Hears The Voice of George Wallace In Oval Office Tweets; Critiques Hypocrisy Of Roberts And Gorsuch; Indiana Sen. Braun Warns Republicans Of Utter Disaster in 2020 If Destruction of Obamacare/ACA With No Replacement Is Pursued; Disgraced in Washington, Self-Appointed Antipope Bannon Now Meddling In Vatican With Scurrilous Attacks On Pope Francis!