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Apr 2019

April 11, 2019

April 12, 2019

Sen. Warren Demands 1,200 Profitable Big Corporations Move From Collecting Federal Tax Refunds To Paying Real Profits Tax: 7% Surtax On Profits Above $100 Million Demanded!

Amazon Paid Nothing, Got $129 Million Refund on $10.8 Billion Profits; General Motors Got $104 Million Refund On $4.32 Billion; Goodyear, Delta, And 60 Others Also Among The Parasites; Warren Continues To Dominate Democratic Field Through Programmatic Ideas, Not Frothy Aspirational Rhetoric; In UK, Second Referendum To Roll Back Brexit Gains Acceptance; Assange Arrested By British Authorities; Gen. Bashir of Sudan Ousted By Military Coup After Thirty Years’ Rule; Pompeo Already Interfering In Succession!