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Apr 2019

April 10, 2019

April 11, 2019

In Another Step Away From Brexit Insanity, EU Grants UK Delay Until October 31; Leap Into Abyss On Friday Avoided; France’s Macron Wanted Punitive Measures, But Vast Majority Of States Favored Time To Cool Off; Concern About Trojan Horse Threats From Beaten Brexiteers; Greeks Rightly Argued That Holding European Parliament Elections In Late May Would Shift British Public Opinion Against Populist Fanatics!

Veteran Coverup Manager Barr Is Leading Charge Against Obamacare While Scheming To Deep Six Real Mueller Report; Estimated Release Of Bowdlerized Version: April 19, Good Friday, For Minimum Exposure; Netanyahu Appears Headed For Fifth Term As Israeli Prime Minister; His Alliance With Trump Is Destroying Key Features Of UN Charter and International Law!