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Apr 2019

April 9, 2019

April 10, 2019

In House Testimony, Coverup Manager Barr Combines Stonewalling Of Congress With Gaslighting Of Public; Technicolor Censorship Of Mueller Report Planned; Release To Come During Hill Easter Recess; Theoretician of Unitary Dictatorship Plays Roy Cohn To Trump’s Al Capone As Putin Mocks Russiagate; Dems Must Fight It Out On This Line If It Takes All Summer!

Trump Leaves Homeland Security Headless In The Face Of Powerful Foes, Raising Suspicions About His Motives; Israeli Election Still Too Close To Call; Wednesday EU Summit Likely To Impose UK Departure Delay Until End Of Year Or Beyond; As Brexit Chimera Recedes, Rees-Mogg’s Disturbed Deputy Tries To Scare EU With Visions Of “Perfidious Albion On Speed,” A “Spartan Phalanx,” And An “Army Of Nigel Farage Mini-Me” Clones!