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Apr 2019

April 6, 2019 WCR

April 9, 2019
Brexit Fanatics Face Wipeout As EU President Tusk Offers London 12-Month Extension – Time For People’s Referendum, Repeal Of Article 50, New Leaders; Defeated Plutocrat Rees-Mogg Threatens To Sabotage EU!
56% Of Britons Want To Stay; Collapse Of Brexit Spells Shipwreck For Trump’s Foreign Policy As His Regime Reels From Defeats On A Dozen Fronts; 4 Steps For Negotiating With Barr To Get Mueller Report Published: After Polite Request, Issue Subpoena; If No Response, Cite Barr For Contempt Of Congress; If Still Stonewalling, Impeach Him; As Last Resort, Leak The Report Using Example Of 1976 Pike Committee; Trump Deregulation Policy Creating Disasters For Boeing, Pork Packers, and Baby Strollers: Deconstruction Of Administrative State Kills People!: The Relevance of Henryk Ibsen’s Enemy Of The People (1882)