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Apr 2019

April 2, 2019

April 3, 2019

Trump Repeats Insane Threat To Close Border With Mexico; He Wants Obamacare Destroyed Now, But Promises GOP Health Plan For 2021: Too Bad If You Die In The Meantime; Barr Still Hiding Mueller Report!

Nadler Committee Set To Issue Subpoenas Wednesday As DoJ Fails To Deliver; Cummings Probing White House Clearances and Census Questions; Saving Italy From The New Mao: Under Conte-Salvini-Di Maio, Italy Becomes First G-7 Power Caught By Emperor Xi’s “Belt and Road” Debt Trap; Backlash Over Conte’s Surreptitious Tactics; Dangers Of Amateur Populist Regime, Which Is Kowtowing To Beijing At The Moment When Smart Money Is Leaving; Rome Government Fractured Over Reactionary World Family Conference in Verona