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Apr 2019

April 1, 2019

April 2, 2019

Trump-Barr Gaslighting Campaign Is Failing To Dupe American People on Russiagate: A Solid 40% Say He Has NOT Been Cleared of Wrongdoing, While Only 29% Buy His Story!

Nadler Committee Prepares To Subpoena Full Mueller Report If Coverup Manager Barr Keeps Stalling; Lock Them Up: White House Whistleblower Gives Cummings Committee Twenty-Five Security Risks Who Got Top-Secret Clearances On Orders From Above; Nine Reportedly of Special Interest Include Bolton, Flynn, Jarvanka, Porter, Gorka, and K.T. McFarland; In UK Parliament, Second Referendum To Avoid Brexit Abyss Comes Within Twelve Votes of Passage, Getting Most Total Votes Of Any Resolution! People’s Vote Now!