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Mar 2019

March 30, 2019 WCR

March 31, 2019
Americans Must Reject Russiagate Gaslighting By Trump and Barr; Actual Content of Mueller Report Is Still Anybody’s Guess; In Any Case, Conspiracy and Obstruction Have Long Been On Public Display; If Obstruction Cannot Be Ruled Out, Conspiracy May Be Hiding Behind It; Barr’s Personal Record As Bush 41’s 1992 Iran-Contra Coverup Manager Gets More Exposure; Impeach Attorney General If His Sabotage Continues!
Trump’s New Attack On Health Care Plus Brutal Austerity Budget Foreshadow His Defeat in 2020; Britain’s Zombie Prime Minister A Three-Time Loser As Commons Reject Her Blindfolded Brexit 344-286, Despite The Added Enticement Of Her Promise To Finally Quit; Next Deadline On April 12: London Must Revoke Secession Or Descend Into Chaos!