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Mar 2019

March 27, 2019

March 28, 2019

UK House of Commons Reaches Total Paralysis as All Eight Brexit Alternatives Are Voted Down; Only Road Is People’s Vote or Second Referendum To Roll Back Populist Insanity; Premier May Pledges To Quit Before Next Phase, But Her Secession Plan Is Dead In Water as Northern Ireland Unionists Won’t Back Her!

U.S. House Falls Short Of Two-Thirds Majority Needed To Override Trump’s Veto On State Of Emergency Rollback, 248-181, With 14 GOPers Defying Trump; Ocasio-Markey Green New Deal Stealth Austerity Program Gets Absolutely No Support in Senate, Failing 57-0; Running For Cover, Dems Vote Present, But Serious Strategy Was Absent; Updated Cabinet Impeachment List Now Includes Shanahan, Acosta, Nielsen, and Ross; Trump’s New Attack On Obamacare Takes Center Stage For 2020!