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Mar 2019

March 25, 2019

March 26, 2019

AG Barr’s Cryptic Four-Page Spin Letter Is No Substitute For Actual Mueller Report, Which Must Be Released At Once And In Full; Trump Far From Exonerated: No Verdict On Obstruction Opens Door To Power Grab By Coverup Director Barr, Who Usurps Role of Congress!

Barr and Rosenstein Both Conflicted: Whole Purpose of Special Counsel Is To Exclude Such Figures; Mueller’s Lack Of Provable Criminal Charges Does Not Mean Collusion With Russia Never Happened; McConnell Blocks Senate Resolution Demanding Full Publication; UK Prime Minister May Still Can’t Pass Her Twice-Defeated Secession Plan; Fanatics Call On May To Quit To Save Brexit; Parliament Trying To Seize Over Process; Barr’s Pedigree As Architect Of 1992 Iran-Contra Coverup In Service of Bush 41!