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Mar 2019

March 21, 2019

March 22, 2019

Emperor Xi of China Arrives in Rome, Latest Target Of “Belt and Road” Neo-Imperialist Debt Trap; Once-Proud Italy Faces Grim Future of Debt Peonage and Limited Sovereignty; Will Beijing’s “Social Credit” Totalitarianism Be Imposed On City of Genoa?; Italian Premier Conte Faces Ouster!

Despite Votes In Commons, May Still Seeking Catastrophic No Deal Brexit; Sources See No. 10 Downing Street As “Run By Lunatics” And In “Full-On Bunker Mode”; May & Co. “…Have All Taken Leave Of Their Senses”; Outcome: Article 50 Deadline Extended to May 22 If Commons Swallow May’s Twice-Defeated Secession Plan; If Plan Not Approved, Extension Only Until April 12-Last Chance To Oust May, Repeal Brexit, Set Second Referendum, Call Snap Election!