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Mar 2019

March 20, 2019

March 21, 2019

Zombie UK Prime Minister May Tries Buckpassing, Blames Parliament For Failure of Brexit; Enraged Calls For Her Ouster Multiply; One Tory MP Complains She’s “Acting Like President Trump”!

Thursday’s EU Summit Will Decide Postponement; May Still Wants Third Vote On Her Twice-Defeated Plan; Brexit Madmen Eye Catastrophic Secession By Default Next Friday, March 29; Busy Week For Mueller Team Roils Don; New Zealand Fascist Killer A Fan Of Sir Oswald Mosley, Whose “Britain First!” Held Huge Appeasement Rallies On Eve of World War II; Mosley A Pal of Mussolini And Lord Haw-Haw Who Backed Surrender To Hitler After Dunkirk; Black-Shirted Aristocrat Mosley Was Likely Prime Minister of Nazi Puppet State in UK!