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Mar 2019

March 19, 2019

March 20, 2019

Elizabeth Warren’s CNN Town Hall in Jackson, Mississippi Strengthens Her Policy Pre-Eminence Among Dem Hopefuls; She Calls For Building 3 Million New Homes To Lower Rents By 10%, Facilitate Ownership, And Generate 1 Million Jobs!

Warren Rejects Jake Tapper’s Hyping Of Increasing Gas Tax, Showing How Regressive Burden Would Fall Most On Working Families; She Wants 2%-3% Tax On Assets of Ultra-Millionaire Plutocrats Worth Over $50 Million, Plus Constitutional Amendments To Stop Voter Suppression and Abolish Electoral College; George Conway Usefully Tweets Symptoms of Narcissism And Antisocial Syndrome; How Many Symptoms Are Needed To Establish Fascism?; Great Relevance Today Of Prof. Frederick L. Schuman’s Description of Fascism In His Europe On The Eve (1939)