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Mar 2019

March 14, 2019

March 15, 2019

UK Parliament Votes 413-202 To Delay Brexit Insanity By At Least Three Months As Tories Splinter; Trump Raves That Second Referendum Would Be Unfair; Senate Votes 59-41 To Declare No Confidence in Trump’s Emergency Decree to Fund Fascist Wall; 12 Republicans Defect!

A Tale of Two Cities: Events in London and Washington Indicate That 2016 Tide of Neofascist Populism Has Turned On Both Sides of Atlantic; President Tusk of European Union Wants To Grant UK Longer Pause For Reflection; Tax Wall Street Party MVP Award Goes To Anna Soubry, Representing Nottingham For Independents; Don Is Reeling As Senate Votes 54-46 To End U.S. Backing For Saudis’ Yemen Genocide; By 420-0, House Demands Entire Mueller Report; Only Graham Saves Trump From Similar Defeat in Senate!